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Nativity Story for Children,  Origin of Santa Claus, Traditions, Christmas Food, Principles, Biblical Story Pictures, Toys, Gifts and More!

Dive into the heartwarming spirit of the festive season with Christmas History Coloring Book for Kids and Adults. This book is more than just a collection of coloring pages – it’s a portal to the magical world of the first Christmas.

Every page unfolds a captivating story, leading your kids on an enchanting journey back in time to the starlit skies of Bethlehem. As you turn each page, you’ll find yourselves immersed in beautifully detailed scenes that bring the Nativity to life. From serene depictions of angels to the humble manger where Jesus was born, this coloring book isn’t just about creativity; it’s a delightful way to learn, explore, and embrace the timeless values and stories of Christmas.

Nativity Coloring page for kids

Scenes narrated in Christmas History Coloring Book:

  1. Get ready to start the journey of Christmas and its meaning, with your beloved coloring pencils as companions!
  2. Long ago, prophets spoke of a special child who would bring hope and joy to the world.
  3. Mary and Joseph were a couple who believed in that hopeful message.
  4. One day, an angel visited Mary and gave her surprising news: she would be the mother of that hope: Jesus.
  5. Months later, Mary and Joseph started a long journey to Bethlehem, where the baby would be born.
  6. A beautiful child, Jesus, was born in a humble stable. He was God’s son who would bring salvation to the world!
  7. Far from Bethlehem, three wise men saw a bright star and decided to follow it to where God’s son was born.
  8. The wise men came to worship Baby Jesus with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.
  9. Jesus, as an adult, renewed the hope and faith of his people. And then, of the whole world.
  10. Jesus healed the sick and performed miracles, leaving no doubt he was the long-awaited Messiah.
  11. The first Christians began to celebrate Jesus’ birth as a special day.
  12. Saint Francis of Assisi created the first living nativity scene, starting a Christmas tradition.
  13. Although many years have passed, to this day the faith to celebrate Jesus’ birth remains in their hearts.
  14. Centuries after Jesus’ birth, a kind Greek bishop named Nicholas became famous for giving gifts to the needy.
  15. From Bishop Nicholas emerged the figure of Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus, who every Christmas Eve rides his sleigh to deliver gifts.
  16. It is said that Santa has elf helpers who make toys in the North Pole.
  17. Every Christmas Eve, Santa travels the world in a sleigh pulled by reindeer to deliver gifts.
  18. People started decorating trees in their homes to celebrate the date.
  19. Decorations with branches, flowers, and fabrics symbolized unity with nature.
  20. Decorations with branches, flowers, and fabrics symbolized unity with nature.
  21. Also, the house porch fills with lights and decorations to celebrate this festive time.
  22. Families gather to enjoy a big Christmas dinner, with turkey as the main dish.
  23. Loved ones we don’t see every day gather to tell each other how much they care.
  24. There’s a feast of rich desserts after every dinner.
  25. Children leave cookies and milk for Saint Nicholas, hoping he brings them gifts.
  26. Gingerbread is a traditional Christmas item in various countries and cultures.
  27. Giving and receiving gifts is a way to show love and friendship.
  28. Each morning after Christmas Eve, we jump out of bed to unwrap the gifts.
  29. Beautiful toys and surprises await inside the gift boxes.
  30. We should share our blessings with those in need, just as Jesus did.
  31. The most important thing is that we all share wishes of peace and love for all humanity.
  32. Ice skating is one of the most fun activities during these days.
  33. Even the beloved pets of the house celebrate the date.
  34. Singing carols is a joyful way to share the Christmas story.
  35. The ‘Nutcracker’ ballet becomes a Christmas tradition loved by many.
  36. Making snowmen becomes a fun winter activity during Christmas.
  37. In 1968, the Apollo 8 crew orbited the Moon on Christmas Eve and read Genesis live.
  38. The Grinch is a green, furry creature who tried to steal Christmas but never could!
  39. Christmas will be one of the traditions that survive the times. Do you know why?
  40. As long as there are children like you to draw it, there will always be Christmas!

Pages Nativity Coloring Book

Why You’ll Love Christmas History Coloring Book

  • 40 Original Designs: Chronologically themed Christmas designs, doubling as a story to draw and color.
  • Variety of Illustrations: A mix of simple and intricate illustrations to ignite creativity in kids of different ages and abilities.
  • Scenes with Supportive Text: Each scene is accompanied by images and text that your child can color while absorbing the story.
  • Packed with Christmas Characters: From reindeer and snowmen to elves and Santa Claus.
  • Single-Sided Pages: To prevent color bleed-through.
  • Without gray areas: every space is designed for coloring.
  • Fun Family Activity: Quality time during the Christmas season.
  • Inclusive for Special Needs: Suitable for children with special needs, offering an inclusive and therapeutic experience with a range of designs.

Don’t miss the chance to create unforgettable memories this holiday season. Get your copy of “Christmas History Coloring Book for Kids and Adults” today and embark on a journey of festive creativity and learning with your family.

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