50 Horror Movie Monsters Coloring Book for Adults


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Coloring book inspired by horror cinema: Dive into iconic monsters and uncover their tales. Ideal as a gift or for horror film enthusiasts who enjoy coloring.

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Hey HORROR FANS! Dive deep into a coloring experience like no other with our tribute to cinema’s most iconic monsters. From the eeriest supernatural beings to those quirky creatures that make you chuckle (yet still shiver), journey through time as we honor them in the order they first spooked us on the big screen.


What’s Inside 50 Horror Movie Monsters Coloring Book for Adults?

  • Stories Behind the Scares: Alongside each illustration, discover intriguing tidbits about your favorite horror icons, deepening your connection with every hue you add.
  • 50 Spine-Chilling Designs: Unleash your creativity on a diverse collection of 50 hand-picked illustrations, ensuring every coloring session is both haunting and captivating.
  • The Perfect Spooky Gift: Searching for that unique gift for a horror buff? Look no further! This book promises hours of eerie enjoyment, whether it’s Halloween or just a regular night craving some thrills.

Horror Movie Monsters Coloring Book for Adults

  • Halloween Bash Essential: Throwing a Halloween shindig? Our coloring book doubles as a fun party activity or a memorable takeaway for your guests. They’re gonna adore it!
  • More Than Just Fun: Beyond the spooks and thrills, coloring boosts numerous skills – from hand-eye coordination to concentration. So, you’re not just having fun, you’re honing your skills too!

Our Horror Protagonists (Missing any?)

Horror Movie Monsters Coloring Book for Adults

  1. Nosferatu
  2. Frankenstein’s Monster
  3. Dracula
  4. King Kong
  5. The Evil Queen
  6. The Wolf Man
  7. Godzilla
  8. Creature from the Black Lagoon
  9. The Blob
  10. Norman Bates
  11. Zombies
  12. Regan MacNeil
  13. Leatherface
  14. Carrie White
  15. Jaws
  16. Michael Myers
  17. Xenomorfo
  18. Jason Voorhees
  19. Jack Torrance
  20. The Thing
  21. Cujo
  22. Gremlin
  23. Herbert West
  24. Audrey Junior
  25. Freddy Krueger
  26. The Toxic Avenger
  27. The Fly
  28. Pinhead
  29. Predator
  30. Chucky
  31. Andre Toulon
  32. Graboids
  33. Ghostface
  34. Martians
  35. Hannibal Lecter
  36. Sadako
  37. The Headless Horseman
  38. Imhotep
  39. The Creeper
  40. Captain Spaulding
  41. Jigsaw
  42. Pale Man
  43. Gwoemul
  44. Sam
  45. Cloverfield Monster
  46. Joker
  47. Annabelle
  48. Art the Clown
  49. Pennywise
  50. Valak

Embark on a nostalgic and thrilling coloring journey that celebrates the monsters that gave us countless sleepless nights. Ready to color outside the screams?

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